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How to import PST folders to ThunderBird in platforms other than Windows

September 18, 2010

How to import PST files in thunderbird in a non Windows machine:

Okay, first of all you will need two PCs in order to get this done, as well you will need one add-on for ThunderBird called “LocalFolder”  and a software called MozBack (Just for the sake of making things easier)

1- First go to a Windows PC, make sure you have Outlook
2- Import the PST files to Outlook
3- Install ThunderBird, and go to tools, Import, and make sure to choose Outlook
4- Once emails are imported, Install MozBack, and backup thunderbird, a folder will be created in the directory chosen by you
5- Change the file format to .zip, by clicking right click, properties, and change the extension to .zip
6- Unzip the folder and copy the file within named “Local Folders” insidethe folder “Mail”
7- Go to your other PC, with the other OS -I expect by this time you have downloaded and installed the add on called “LocalFolder”- and go to Tools–>account setting–>from the drop down menu under account actions, choose “Create new local folder”
8- Now ThunderBird will ask you to rename the folder and set the path “Directory”, just direct it to the “Local Folder” folder you copied earlier
9- Right click on the new created folder, and create these three folders “Inbox”, “Sent” and “Trash”, once done you will see your emails are imported

10- Now just drag and drop the emails to your main local folder and you are done!

Imagine to find this way around, it took me 4 hours!

Please be a nice fella and inform ThunderBird users about this…kapeesh


Hello world!

September 17, 2010

Yes! this is my first blog…I decided to make a blog to talk and discuss my fat burning process…as well I thought that blogging results might be useful to keep me encouraged!

The idea of getting fit flashed in my mind when I was working on my laptop trying to import outlook pst files into thunderbird on my MAC! I almost spent 6 hours trying to find a solution over the internet, but eventually I found a way around by using excessive mental powers! lol

Anyway, that day I promised myself I would never leave my laptop until this mission is accomplished! and guess what, I did it!!  By that moment, a strange rage came to me, it is like someone else was born inside me, telling me to stop listening to my old wuss self and start doing the things I couldn’t do in the past! it is like fighting yourself, or maybe just working against the lazy you! … hopefully I am transforming it into a habit!

I wont ask anyone to wish me luck; because I know I can do it..I did hard things before, and what comes next shouldn’t be that not start yaping about NLP $h!t, I come like this, over confident, I was born with it….sue me!